The blue mountains

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the blue mountains

Natural beauty so impressive and vast, it’s treasured as a World Heritage asset

Visible from Sydney Harbour, the towering escarpments of the Blue Mountains form Sydney’s western fringe, enveloping the city in an embrace of wilderness that can’t be broken.

The Blue Mountains are a joy to discover, best explored with as much time and leisure as your schedule will allow, so you can relax into the pace and enjoy the surrounds.

Choose from our full day or multi-day itineraries, or let us create an itinerary for you to experience the Mountains in your own way. Build in a day to explore the Jenolan Caves, or journey further west to the wine regions and Outback beyond.


Be inspired by our Suggested Itineraries below, or let us hand-make your perfect Sydney days, stitch by stitch

Blue Mountains

Escape to the vast wilderness and sweeping vistas of the Blue Mountains, for wildlife, bushlands & serenity

Blue Mountains on High

Take to the skies with a heli to the Blue Mountains to make the most of your time & the views

Darwin on Darwin

Walk in the footsteps of Charles Darwin in the Blue Mountains with his great-great-grandson for a look at the unique ecology of Australia

Blue Mountains Active

Don’t just see the mountains – get active! Hiking, abseiling, canyoning and climbing in the Blue Mountains

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